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Black Money 103: How to Build A Strong Black Brand

Dr. Boyce Watkins has leveraged his brand into a multi-million dollar business, and you can too. 

Learn How to Build Your Brand and Create Profitable Side Hustles 

One of the most pressing problems for the African-American community is the lack of jobs and economic opportunity. This problem doesn't just affect our economic well-being, it seeps into every dimension of black life. When we depend on others to create jobs for us, we often end up frustrated, mistreated, and economically insecure. When someone else dictates what you do, how much you make, and how long you can work, it can be demoralizing. 

Another way to say job is “Just Over Broke.” By becoming an employee, trading your time for dollars means you can put food on the table, but not much else. Without real income, you will never have great family vacations, send your kids to college or do any of the fun things millions of other people get to do. But, there is a way out and it starts by building your brand. A strong black brand that people will recognize. 

Entrepreneurs are individuals who don’t want to spend 40+ years grinding their lives away at a dead-end job, selling their soul for minimum pay. They have a dream, a burning desire to build a strong black brand. They want a recognizable business that provides for their family and a secure future. 

To be successful, black entrepreneurs create an image or brand that people know and trust. With a strong black brand, you can make a side hustle that makes money.  

No matter what product, service or info-product you sell as your side hustle, the stronger your brand, the easier it is to sell.  

"The average wealth for white families is seven times higher than average wealth for black families. More than one in four black households have zero or negative net worth, compared to less than one in ten white families without wealth.” 

This program is for those who want to build a brand and life-long wealth.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of the world's leading experts on building a strong black brand and using the brand to create multiple side hustles. He built his brand and has put together a program designed specifically for the needs of black Americans of all ages. The Black Start Up program is unapologetically designed for black men and women. It’s designed to give you everything you need to know to build a brand and start a profitable business. Like “Famous Amos Cookies,” he teaches you how to position your company’s brand to be strong for many generations to come.

As a black business owner, not only will you support your family comfortably, you’ll be helping the entire community by offering needed jobs, goods, and services. Building up is the way out. 

When you enroll as a student of Dr. Boyce, you will learn vital business concepts and brand-building techniques such as: 

  • The steps to making your business into a real and legal entity 
  • How to quit your job by creating a profitable side hustle
  • Ways to leverage family and relationships to make your business successful 
  • How to build a productive team 
  • How to raise capital for your business and brand  

And much, much more. 

Building any brand is complex, but Dr. Boyce breaks it down in easy-to-manage steps so that anyone can do it no matter where you are or where you come from. 

If you’re tired of working for someone else and want the financial freedom of a strong brand and side hustle, that successful business owners enjoy, then this is the right program for you. By enrolling in the course right now, you'll open the door to the freedom and opportunity you’ll never see working for someone else.

About Your Instructor

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a student of life who loves to teach. He has built a national brand that he started by teaching at the college level since he was 22 years old. He taught classes in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics and Finance. He has been on the faculty of the University of Rochester, Ohio State University, Indiana University and the University of Kentucky. He currently teaches at Syracuse State University where he's been since 2001. 

Dr. Watkins’s education includes: 

  • Ph.D. in Finance, The Ohio State University 
  • Master’s Degree in Mathematics, The University of Kentucky 
  • Master’s Degree in Statistics, The University of Kentucky 
  • BA and BS degrees with a triple major in Finance, Economics and Business Management, University of Kentucky 

During this time, he also authored the following books:  

  • "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About College"  
  • "What If George Bush Were a Black Man?"  
  • "Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets with Your Partner in Ways that Feel Good"  
  • "Black American Money"  

Dr. Watkins also founded the Your Black World Coalition, an organization and independent media outlet with over half a million subscribers worldwide. It has played a role in confronting destructive hip-hop music, and has also led campaigns on various civil rights issues in the African American community. 

Why Listen to Dr. Watkins?

Dr. Watkins built his brand part-time as a college professor. Today, he is sought after by major news media for his opinions and expertise.

Dr. Watkins cares about his students. He goes out of his way to see that your questions are answered and that you have the knowledge and tools to succeed. Every video comes from his heart and years of experience as a professor and successful businessman. He is dedicated to seeing you build a successful business and positive life. 

"The Black Business School has opened up my mind to a new way of thinking which has led to me trying to pursue different opportunities in business. Without the The Black Business School, I would probably still be stuck on the corporate plantation without any hope of getting off." 

"I think the Black Business School is tremendous and is so necessary for our people. Dr. Boyce and his team are incredible; I love the honesty and sense of urgency in his message. It's been perfect for someone like me who spent time on the corporate plantation and in that time developed a burning desire to never work for someone ever again." 

Jawann Howard

Malcolm Norris

Get a College-Level Branding Education At a Fraction of the Cost 

Did you know that the basic cost to get an MBA from the top six schools in the country is now well over $160,000? While it may be worth it if you plan on becoming a CEO for a multinational corporation, you don’t need it. 

What you do need is an education in the nuts and bolts of starting a business out of your home and brand-building techniques. That’s what the Black Business School is all about.

This is not a “here’s the book and good luck” course. You receive live tutoring from Dr. Watkins himself. 

At least twice a month, you can attend live lectures by Dr. Watkins on building a black business. It is totally interactive, so you can “raise your hand” online and get your questions answered. 

The Black Business School Course Curriculum

Dr. Watkins created this course using short videos so you can quickly move through the course and easily retain the concepts. Videos allow you to watch, take notes, rewind, and learn at your pace and at your convenience. Here’s the list of courses beginning with a tutorial on how to use this course. 

Black Money 103: How to Start A Strong Black Brand

The Dr. Boyce Watkins Toolkit for Those Seeking to Create New Life and Learn the Power of Entreprenership

2-Course Bundle

How to Ask Dr. Watkins a Question  

  • In this first video, you’ll learn how to get the most out of the training. It demonstrates how to get your questions answered throughout your journey as an entrepreneur. 


Business Plans That Will Skyrocket Your Company 

  • What is a business plan and how do you start your brand? 
  • The executive summary - introducing the world to your powerful business idea 
  • Giving a description of your business 
  • Sales and Marketing - letting people know you've got a winner 

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Side Hustle

  • Mistake 1 - Doing it all by yourself 
  • Mistake 2 - Not investing in your own learning 
  • Mistake 3 - Waiting for a Superman investor
  • Mistake 4 - Overspending when you first start your brand
  • Mistake 5 - Quitting your job too early 
  • Mistake 6 - Riding the fence 

The first step to working for yourself is to enroll in The Black Business School – Black Money 103. 

We’ll help you avoid all of these mistakes plus give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to build your brand the smart way. Get started right now.  

Stop dreaming about a better life. Build a Strong Black Brand and Profitable Side Hustle Now!

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